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DR. MICHAEL Calvo’s new book is the first multimedia book to document and expose the terrorist and anti-Israeli Palestinian system and pattern of behavior. By multimedia, we mean that beyond reading, this book enables the reader to see and hear videos, which are on internet, on their smart phone, after loading a free QR Code application. If you do not have the QR Code application, go to https://youtu.be/bCyX3q4Se9o to see a video “QR code explanation for the book: The Middle East and World War III.” In this video,. Calvo explains how to install this application on your smart phone.

This book answers the question why there is no peace in the Middle East, in spite of the active involvement of the U.S. and other major powers, and why Pope Francis said that the world has already entered World War III.

For Col. Richard Kemp, the retired British Army officer who commanded British Forces in Afghanistan and headed the International Terrorism Intelligence Team in the British Prime Minister’s Office – who wrote the Foreword, “The Middle East and World War III – Why No Peace?” “is the first book that rigorously considers the critical question of why the Middle East seems unable to achieve peace. It should be read by all political leaders, academics, journalists, students and anyone who wants to understand why there is no peace and what may happen.”

How come that the Middle East peace negotiations led to the multiplication of attacks against Israeli civilians? Between 1978 and the Oslo Agreements in 1993 – i.e. in 25 years – 254 persons were killed by Palestinian terrorists. Between the signing of the Declaration of Principles (the first Oslo Agreement) on 13 September 1993 and 29 September 2000 (i.e. in seven years, 256 persons were killed). The number of victims thus multiplied by 3.6 during the seven years following the signing of the Oslo Agreements. From September 27, 2000 through April 14, 2017, 1,263 persons were killed and 5,143 persons were wounded, during what has been called “the peace process” and “Land for Peace” and between “windows of opportunities.” What happened? The Oslo process was intended to bring peace.

Calvo investigates the long-term Palestinian use of terror through a revealing chronology (very interesting), the psychological and religious preparation for armed conflict with Israel, and the manipulation of the media and of minds, the practical preparation of the armed conflict and its planned outbreak, as well as its control by the Palestinian leadership. He explains how terrorists are elevated to heroes and role models. Palestinian policeman, armed individuals, adolescents and adults, sometimes a father or even a mother of young children, are ready to kill Jews by any means and even to blow themselves to pieces for their cause. But they were not born Jihadists. They were and are still being incited to become Jihadists. Terrorists and their families receive salaries and the Europeans and the Americans continue to finance the Palestinian Jihad against the Jews in their land.

The author affirms that the terrorists “did what the Palestinian Authority ordered them to do” (Mahmoud Abbas), and that “forty percent of the martyrs in this Intifada belonged to the Palestinian security forces… and that the Palestinian Authority has hidden Hamas members against Israeli counter-actions” (Mohammad Dahlan). You can see the videos of those declarations with a smart phone with the QR code application.

In addition, the author presents a legal analysis under International Criminal Law and the Rome Statute. To “deliberately attack and kill civilians constitute a crime against humanity” and also a crime of genocide, “since the intention is to deliberately destroy, in whole or in part, a religious group, since only Jews were targeted, including Jews visiting of studying in Israel.” If there is an international criminal responsibility under International criminal law, there is also a lack of prosecution.

The book analyses the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip and the role played by Hamas’s terrorism to increase the pressure on Israel: “Abbas has an ally in Hamas to multiply Jihads.” The author, who is an international lawyer, examines the legal propaganda war against Israel covering many Books fields and how to answer. Are the territories of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) occupied, disputed or liberated? To whom do they legally belong?

Calvo discusses the internationalization of the conflict and the role played by Arab and Muslim countries, including Jordan and Egypt who signed a peace treaty with Israel, to prepare the world to accept the destruction of the Jewish State. The well described aim is to isolate Israel politically, to influence political leaders, public opinion, international institutions and international organizations so that on the day their planned offensive begins, no one will be there to support Israel and the Jews. The Palestinian Authority, the PLO and the Arab/Muslim states will be unhampered to do what Hitler was unable to do in historic Palestine – make it Judenrein.

THE BOYCOTT, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, Israel apartheid weeks, the delegitimization, demonization and dehumanization of Israeli Jews and the actions before UNESCO, the World Health Organization, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council are part of the propaganda war to achieve this aim and are accurately analyzed by the author.

This strategy is implemented through both governments and non-governmental organizations mainly funded by the European Union and its members states and through Europeans, Christians and Muslim NGO’s. There is an alliance of anti-Sem
ites, anti-Jewish churches and questionable societies, radical leftists, Radical Green and Muslims worldwide leading actions against Israel. Most of those actions are coordinated by the Central Commission for Documentation and Pursuit of Israeli War Criminals (TAWTHEEQ) created by the Palestinian Authority and by the NGO Development Center based in Ramallah. It is difficult not to see a joint European/ Arab/ Muslim/Palestinian/ strategy.

Calvo analyses ISIS and the world in Palestinian/Arab/Muslim eyes. He brings us a wider perspective of the Middle East conflict. He shows why and how Israel’s Jews are viewed in Palestinian, Arab and Muslim eyes and are firmly in their sights. They are in a jihadist religious conflict. This conflict is a theological/metaphysical conflict of Muslims against the Jews with no solution in view. However, much the West may refuse to see it. Understanding the problem must begin at its roots.

He reminds us that this conflict has been considered a territorial conflict by all states and dealt with as such, even by Israel, and that there is reasonable hope that a compromise over land would bring peace. But for the Arabs, “fighting Israel is not merely a territorial conflict, but also a religious battle for Islam.” The author raises the question if this in accordance with the Koran.

History has shown that to make an abstraction of the various complex dimensions of the Middle East conflicts leads nowhere. Nonetheless, World leaders and the media continue to deal with the Israeli/ Palestinian/Arab/Muslim conflict as a territorial issue and still refuse to admit that the Muslim concept of “Jihad” or “Holy War” is not limited to Jews in their Land, and extended to the rest of the World.

Palestinian leaders, the Muslim Brotherhood, most of the Muslim States, Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabis, Iranian mullahs and ISIS, share the same Jihadi ideology encapsulated in one sentence: “Allah is our goal, the prophet is our ideal, the Koran is our constitution, jihad is our way, and death for the sake of Allah is our aspiration”. This ideology justifies the killing of the Jews and “infidels” whoever and wherever they are, Christians, Yazidis, Hinduists, Buddhists, non-believers, from the United States to China, from Europe to Africa, from the Atlantic to the Philippines.

The World is facing terror attacks that Israel has been enduring since the Oslo Agreement in 1993 (suicide bombing attacks, shootings, stabbings, car ramming) under the same cry battle of “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great).

The author proposes some safe solutions. After reading “The Middle East and World War III – Why No Peace?” you might be able to answer why there is no peace and what can be done about it.

David Bedein

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