Praise for the Book

“The Middle East and World War III – Why No Peace?” is the first book that rigorously considers the critical question of why the Middle East seems unable to achieve peace. It should be read by all political leaders, academics, journalists, students and anyone who wants to understand why there is no peace and what may happen.


Retired British Army officer who commanded British Forces in Afghanistan and headed the International Terrorism Intelligence Team in the UK Prime Minister’s office.


Dr. Calvo enumerates various policy measures which one may agree or disagree ccording to one’s belief and ideology. One thing, however, is sure: this is one of the best documented books relating to the Arab-Israeli Conflict and will become a source of reference.


Special analyst for the Middle East at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Formerly Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Deputy Head for Assessment of Military Intelligence.


The book analyzes wider perspectives of the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab-Muslim conflict, and the Muslim worldview, based on koranic verses, of the status and rights and duties of the non-Muslims in Muslim societies, including the Jews.

..This book is a mine of information for whoever needs of wants to delve into the nitty gritty of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and to see and hear the pertinent material and documentation, recordings, videos clips and YouTube recordings.



Former Legal Advisor of the Foreign Ministry and Israeli ambassador to Canada. He participated in the negotiations and drafting of all Israel’s peace agreements with its neighbors.


“This book is the result of an enormous amount of work that the author has put into collecting and organizing such vital information. This book contains so much fascinating information. It shows Israel’s Jews and the World in Palestinian/Arab/Muslim Sights.

This book is the first multimedia book to document and expose the terrorist and anti-Israeli Palestinian system and pattern of behavior to eradicate the State of Israel and the Jews on their Land, after delegitimizing them in the West.

By multimedia, I mean that beyond reading, this book enables the reader to read and at the same time to see and hear videos who are on the internet with their smart phone and the free QR Code application, to convince themselves and discover the Palestinian lies and fake News.”



“Dr. Calvo has astutely welded together past and present in explaining the unending Arab attempt to assert a “time-immemorial” Palestinian identity that seeks its own legitimacy in the nullification of the

Jewish claim to the Land of Israel.  Dr. Calvo expertly carries the reader from the religio-fascist wars in the 1920s and 1930s against the Jews of the Land, to the total Arab rejection of any compromise in 1947 and subsequent invasion. 

 Dr Calvo’s book deftly examines the current use of a “two-state solution” not for productive communal cooperation, but for eventual annihilation of the erstwhile unwitting Jewish partner.  He shows how Israel’s liberation of Judea and Samaria from Hashemite Jordanian occupation in 1967 has been turned on its Orwellian “1984” head by the charge of “Israeli occupation”, being parroted around the world.

 No solution can hope to be anchored for life except by true reconciliation between the Jews and Arabs, with the Zionist pronouncements from both the Bible and the Qur’an on the tongue of every child.

This book has been sent by the author to President Donald Trump, Mr. Jason Greenblatt, Mr. Jared Kushner, Amb. Nikky Haley and Amb. Daniel Friedman. In following the news, any reader will thus be able to see to what extent these public officials have acted on the book’s prescriptions.”



U.S. Foreign Service Officer (1966-96) with postings in Egypt, Tunisia and several West African Muslim countries.


“I congratulate Michael Calvo on the publication of this new book. Those not fully aware of the complex history of the modern restoration of the State of Israel should read into its details, being thus able to understand how the self-proclaimed “Palestinian people” and the officials of PLO-PNA, Fatah, Al-Aqsa Martyrs, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Salafists, etc., are but different faces of the same plan to expel – once again – the Jewish People from the Land of Israel.
The enemies of Israel deploy on the field of battle powerful resources to besiege Jerusalem. Knowledge of the past could be a valid mean to counter them.
The level of deceit such people can reach to obtain their goals is inconceivable for a normal person: they even falsify pro-Jewish verses of the Qur’an proving the eternal link between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, in order to transform Islam from a traditional pro-Zionist ideology into a new totalitarian ideology which inherited from Europe the worst forms of anti-Semitism.”



Imam of the Italian Muslim Community,

Founder and Honorary President of the Italian Muslim Assembly,

Dean of the Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community.


“The book…provides a large amount of source material, in particular on the legal propaganda war against Israel covering many fields. The author should be complimented on his achievements.”



Senior Research Associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA). He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Journal for the Study of Antisemitism and the International Leadership Award by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


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