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  • Col. Olivier Rafowicz (Res), Former IDF spokesman for the Foreign Press: “This book is the result of an enormous amount of work.It shows Israel’s Jews and the World in Palestinian/Arab/Muslim Sights.”


  • Sheik Abdul Hadi Palazzi, Iman of the Italian Muslim Community, Dean of the Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community: ” [They] even falsify pro-Jewish verses of the Qur’an proving the eternal link between the Jewish People and the land of Israel, in order to transform Islam from a traditional pro-Zionist ideology into a new totalitarian ideology which inherited from Europe the worst forms of anti-Semitism.”


  • Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld – Emeritus Chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA): “The book written by Dr Michael A. CALVO is an impressive book… The author should be complimented on his achievements.”


  • Aaron Braunstein, U.S. Foreign Service Officer (1966-96) with postings in Egypt, Tunisia and several West African Muslim countries: This book has been sent by the author to President Donald Trump, Mr. Jason Greenblatt, Mr. Jared Kushner, Amb. Nikky Haley and Amb. Daniel Friedman. In following the news, any reader will thus be able to see to what extent these public officials have acted on the book’s prescriptions”.

Customers Reviews:






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