MK Hilik Bar, Vice Speaker of the Knesset from the Zionist/Labor Party



 Ambassador,Dany Ayalon


Speaker of the Knesset Mr. EDELSTEIN

Mr. Ayoob KARA,Minister of Communication

of the Likud Party


MK Dr.Avraham Naguise

of the Likud Party


Kyai Haji Yahya Cholil Staquf. General Secretary of the Indonesian Muslim Organization “Nahdlatul Ulama”


The Middle East And World War III - Why No Peace?

Chris,  an American Member of the Christians Friends of Israel who congratulated me,

sent me his picture and told me that he bought 13 copies of my book to offer them to his friends


Alexander Botchey from GHANA who sent me his picture with my book.

Line, an Australian woman who read my book and sent me this picture.

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