Herzl, the Jewish state and the future-JNS

  What makes the Jewish state Jewish? Many consider that the flag, the state symbol and emblem must have a relation with our history, and that the calendar and holidays should be according to Jewish tradition. (October 4, 2018 / JNS) The return of the Jews to their homeland raises a number of questions for Jews and non-Jews […]

A Roadmap to Peace in the Middle East” by Dr. Michael A. Calvo- Behind the news in Israel

Extracts from the Book: The Middle East and World War III -Why No Peace? Foreword by Colonel Richard KEMP – CBE. For a description and to buy online: http://bit.ly/michael-calvo To fight what Pope Francis has called “World War III,” the ideological/theological battle being waged against non-Muslims and Muslims who compromise with them and to reach peace in […]

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